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Nuclear Physics

Radiation Safety

  • Read the detailed health hazard information that is included in each project booklet. Ensure that you complete and understand the dose rate calculations included in the project booklet.
  • All radioactive sources must be treated with respect.
  • Sources are kept in lead lined boxes and must be requested from a demonstrator or a technician.
  • If you install a source in your apparatus, mark it “Danger – Radioactivity” and make sure that the information on the source container is visible.
  • Never pick up radioactive sources except with the tweezers/tongs provided.
  • Remember that apparatus, including tweezers and tongs, may become contaminated.
    No apparatus of any kind must be removed from the laboratory without first being checked for radioactive contamination.
  • Radioactive sources must not be removed from the laboratory or used in any other apparatus or for any experiment other than the one for which it was issued. You will certainly be encouraged to think about improvements or new directions for your project but any changes in experimental procedure which involve a new configuration for the radioactive source must be approved by the laboratory supervisor.